Mila Lozano

My creative journey: investigating the poetics of uncertainty

I sculpt in oil on canvas and in the same way I write: from top to bottom, from left to right.

I paint In suspension, a poetics of the uncertain, seeking the breath of emptiness in a lacework of endless pieces. In that transition from the potential to the manifest and taking refuge in the maybe, I blur my own convictions.

I like to think that in the limbo of what is without yet being, the invisible is revealed to us in silence, and that in that place is found what is and remains beyond reality: the fundamental frequency that unites everything.

On the way

As a child, she played with colored pencils that she then carefully placed in their metal box, on an ascending scale, from lightest to darkest. He organized the whole world in that colorful box. At that time, I was drawing horses and faces. That's all. I think I longed to treasure beauty. But beauty is elusive and doesn't need you. Beauty is, all the more, when imperfect and not pursued. When I stopped looking for her I began to recognize her.

To be honest, I have never been overly interested in reality. I think that without realizing it I have installed myself a prudent foot from the ground, caressing the intangible, the uncertain, until placing it in the center.

I revere abstraction in all its manifestations and as a lover of the word as I am, I collected some during the years I spent in the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters. At that time, the word was enough... Each word is a decision, as is each look. And there they were: power, possibility, transit, invisible, uncertain, infinite, emptiness, frequency, breath, synchrony, temple…My drawbridges. The foundations of my painting.

I believe in artistic creation as an engine of knowledge, and in the interconnection of disciplines. How fascinating it would be to be able to seat Hipatia, Leonardo da Vinci, Turner, Khalil Gibran, Carmen Martín Gaite, José Antonio Marina, Georgia O'Keeffe, Chris Martin, Jorge Wagensberg and my grandfather Luís at the same table, armed with his violin and his poetry…


Multidisciplinary artist, consultant and university professor of creativity and innovation. I investigate the connections between the arts and business (founder of Maeve Projects, Art & Business Connections). In addition to my artistic activity, I collaborate with national and international companies and entities, providing tools for creative and disruptive thinking, promoting connected innovation and valuable organizational cultures.

I moderate the EOL Forum networking network, made up of a thousand professional women that I represent in the Women's Council of Barcelona City Council.

I have a degree in Philosophy and Letters from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. I studied Creative Painting at the Massana School of Art and Design in Barcelona, and I completed Doctorate studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona, obtaining the DEA Research Sufficiency.

Specialized in Communication and Marketing Management by Eada Business School of Barcelona, Neuroleadership, by the University of Barcelona, Fundamentals of Art Therapy by Metafora, Training of Trainers by the University of Barcelona and Management of cultural projects and cultural heritage by the Provincial Council of Barcelona.

The latest on the blog...

Mila Lozano

Exhibition at ME Sitges

It has been an honor to exhibit at the ME Sitges Terramar artistic space from November 1 to December 9 and share with all of you “In suspension, poetics of uncertainty.”