July 15, 2019

Seminar “Love, mysteries of the emotional brain.” European Business and Innovation Center, Burgos

It has been an honor to give the Seminar "Love, polyhedron of light and shadow. Mysteries of the affective brain" at the European Business and Innovation Center in Burgos.

Love, business and innovation… Does it make sense? Yes, and a lot! Because this universal drive (nourished or neglected) weaves and sustains the relationship with ourselves and with others, inside and outside the company. Is love in the brain? That's how it is. Neuroscience seems to have found it, but there is much more…

Aimed at facilitators of the Everything is Possible Method, developed by Luís Pérez Santiago, author of the book with the same title, throughout the day we address, from a neuroscientific perspective and various experiential dynamics, the different types of #amor (universal love, love for ourselves, our talent, our family, friends and colleagues, our partner,...), the neurobiological bases of our behavior, as well as the keys to creating and sustaining #positiverelations in our personal and professional environment.